Hi, my name is David! I have a passion for helping people achieve their dreams through technology.

I have wanted a personal website where I could express my thoughts for quite some time so here are some of the highlights of what has developed both my personal and professional interests over the years.

I grew up with an immense interest in discovering how things worked. As a kid, I took apart the family toaster, VHS player, and various radios to see what made them light up. Though this may have not made my family super happy, it paid off in the long run, and I now enjoy fixing most of their electronics or repurposing them for some cool things!

I was introduced to computers at a young age and was hooked on the ability to create and interact with things in a conceptual manner. My journey started with primitive graphics design and stop-motion animation at age eight. Being able to tell stories in a digital setting was absolutely fascinating to me. At thirteen and fourteen, I furthered my graphics design skillsets and shifted my focus to web design in high school. In 2012, I learned front-end development basics from YouTube and hosted websites, gaming forums, and voice servers for my friends.

Looking for a new challenge, I shifted to client technologies and taught myself with various internet resources on how to build desktop applications. My very first project was a web browser built with Visual Basic which fueled my interests further into backend technologies and server administration.

When learning my first programming language, I was enthralled with the concept of being able to create items from just a few lines of code. I even learned C# so that I could help expand one of my favorite games, Ultima Online.

Throughout high school, I started repairing computers for family, friends, neighbors, and other members of my community. I got my hands on any hardware that I could, and I repurposed donated hardware as servers for my projects. This eventually led me to create one of my first businesses, BinaryMedic Computer Repair, which served the Sacramento and San Joaquin area.

In high school, I found my niche in server administration and a love for all backend technologies. It is thrilling to be able to manage a stack and see it scale well in production. My favorite technologies involve virtualization and the resurgence of containerization in projects such as Kubernetes and Docker.

Presently, I work at Covered California as a lead focusing on client technologies and endpoint security.

Oh yeah, I also love traveling the world with my beautiful wife and cuddling my two cats Gatsby and Wednesday.

David and his wife Lexi at the Sutro Baths in San Francisco.
Two tuxedo cats on a ladder.

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